For Sale  

Doe Kids Available, keep watching this page as I will continue to add kids to the sale page. If you have any questions email me jacksonsroyalfarm@yahoo.com

I will list older does but you can look on the Sr Doe page to look at pictures and pedigree

  1. Mathiot's Paradise MB Star she was exposed on 9/4 to Jacksons Royal WhiskeyonRocks- $1500.00 and with come with service memo.
  2. Jacksons Royal DE Catalina she was exposed to Jacksons Royal SonofaBeach, this is a repeat breeding that produced Jacksons Royal SB Avalon VEEV 88 as a 2yr old. $1500.00 she will come with a service memo
  3. Jacksons Royal HD Kitkaboodle she is currently open but can be exposed to a buck for a fee. $1200.00
  4. Jacksons Royal DE Sara currently open but can be exposed to a buck for a fee. $500.00
  5. https://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=D002170817

2022 Doe kids still available

  1. Broken Halo X Chiyogamy chamosiee DOB 4/7/2022 $550.00        https://adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=D002160131&DamNum=D001963492 
  2. Material Girl X Chiyogamy black with white DOB 2/10/2022 $550.00                                                             https://adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=D002160131&DamNum=D002164802
  3.  Maggie Mae X Tarija cou DOB 2/8/2022 $600.00        https://adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=D002092680&DamNum=D002164803
  4.  Macchiato X Tarija chamosiee $ 600.00 DOB 1/18/2022            https://adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=D002092680&DamNum=D002170814